Mark Maruska

This deadbeat owes over $19K in back child support & medical/school bills. This guy is such a scumbag, he refuses to pay his weekly amounts on time citing he has no money, but yet will take the kids with his current whore to $1200 dinners. He also drives around in a $70K car and wears designer clothes while the mother… Read More »

Fernando Contreras

My ex owes over $18,000.00 in back child support to date He has procreated with his girlfriend & assists in supporting her, her two children (with someone else-I think-who knows he was cheating on me) & their child-total 2 adults & 3 children. He has made no effort whatsoever towards my 3 girls & he has the audacity to fight… Read More »

Edgar “David” Smith

Owes OVER 180K for his 2 girls that he has not seen since 1999. Moves around and changes jobs to avoid child support. Quite a piece of work! © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Tim Powell

© 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Luke Anthony Benko

Ten months ago he walked away from my daughter and there now 3 yrs son. Attempts to contact him through his job and parents unsuccessful. He works for ADI STAR LOGISTICS in Sacramento as a driver. The DA AND IRS want him. He destroyed my daughter credit and left a mess behind and now is involved with a girl in… Read More »

Ricci Katz Kastenhuber

Simple story about knowing a mom and watching her struggle to support her child and self after surviving an abusive relationship with her child’s father, who chose many excuses not to support his child for six years, but only ever puts the blame for his sucky life on the fact that the mother of his first child had the gall… Read More »

Craig Surzynski

He had his work claim he no longer works there. He never attempts to contact his two kids or even spend time with them. So many broken promises. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Ian Goldberg

Ian has a 13 yr old daughter that he has not seen or spoken to in over 10 years. He has never provided a penny in support. Complete deadbeat loser. Lives in a nice big house in Delray Beach with his mom and dad. He’s 47 yrs old. I contacted him recently and he said we should move on. ©… Read More »

Aaron Kevlar Cantrell

This sorry scumbag was recently raided by the F.B.I. for obtaining and redistributing graphic images of children. This individual can be found living next to parks and schools for easy access. He was caught inside a public restroom taking photos of a little boy while he was attempting to go to the restroom. Hopefully this sick individual gets the help… Read More »

William Robert (Bill) Heslin

After this alcoholic man,named Bill Heslin,54years old, abused his wife for years,She finally left him after 13years .He agreed that she can move back to Europe with the kids and would support them….4 1/2 years later,the kids still didnt receive a dime,no even a phonecall for bday,his family doesnt say where he lives,they live in New Jersey.He moved for a… Read More »

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