Jerrod chene

Has 3 small kids, won’t help support the kids, been to rehab, stills money to support his habit to pay people off. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Seymour howard

© 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Saddi Edwards

This deadbeat owes over $30k in child support! Get a job!!! © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Jesse T Legun

This butt muffin lick dick ball less mother fucker hasn’t seen his child since she was 5 days old! He now owes child support in the amount of 8,651.00. He cowardly ran off to another state to avoid paying because he thinks i raise our daughter on air!!!! If that was the case I would just tap his head, what… Read More »

Caitlin Lambert

She has 3 kids who she up and left for a guy. That was 2 yrs ago and since then she has hopped from guy to guy and hasn’t worried one bit about her kids. Thank god for thier father who they live with full time. Her excuses are endless and her immaturity is out of this world. She may… Read More »

Thaddeaus J Hughes

© 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Christopher James Kelsey

This deadbeat has pictures of himself on Facebook showing him enjoying life and spending money he does not pay child support ows about $8300 (he also doesnt pay his taxes )and makes great money doing tile work he gets paid under the table or cashes. Checks through his mommys account.he has pictures of his “son” that he claims to love… Read More »

Raymond Edward Sanchez

Raymond Sanchez owes 40 thousand dollars plus interest. In the late 1990′s his parental rights were taken away by the court, but his responsibility of support wasn’t taken away. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Clayton Busboom

Just need to find him to serve full custody papers for my almost 4 year old. His wife and 2 chihuahuas may be with him. He does heavy haul, subcontracted. He’s from the Lincoln, NE area. His wife says she’s a load broker. She’s from the Skowhegan, ME area. For whatever reason, they are running from the papers. Most likely… Read More »

Troy Michael Bulbuck

DOB – April 12, 1964 This guy stole my daugher’s vehicle and owes $2000.00 in child support so far. This guy is a VP with Parkland Pipelines and makes well over a six figure salary. He is full of threats and bullying tactics. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

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