Albert Koehler

Divorced in 1979, in Seguin, Texas from Gaylyn Koehler. Daughter Trisha Lee Koehler never received ANY court ordered child support. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Derek Scott Miller

My X took my kids away b/c I suffer from depression (note: so does his new wife) My youngest son couldn’t live with this abusive man & his anal wife and ran away several times. When my son started talking about suicide my X ignored it. My son ran away for the last time and I got him help he… Read More »

Christopher Fred Harrah

I have chased this man for the last 13 years and the only time he pays is when I file a contempt charge through the court. By that time he is several months past due and I have missed work to file papers and appear in court. Currently, he is approximately $7000.00 in arrears, this amount includes 10 months of… Read More »

Kenneth Cherry Trimbe-Bey

Kenneth.. Has been on a childsupport order since 1993. He works for a State Wide Roofing ” © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Dustin Greer

Owes one mom over 20k and another almost 9k, smokes crack and lives with his mommy and daddy in Murray Hill, rides a Harley but can’t feed his kids, preys on young girls because they are vulnerable, a total narcissist, manipulates his friends in bailing him out of jail for contempt on nonpayment of child support, still doesn’t pay, ladies:… Read More »

Dustin Greer

He smokes crack and is a narcissist. He manipulates the people around him to give him money to start businesses that fail. He preys on young women who think he’s cool because he rides a motorcycle. He has seen his child twice in the past year and only paid child support to get out if jail. His Facebook is loaded… Read More »

Michael Jerido

This deadbeat owes over $120,000 in unpaid child support and is also running from the IRS with an unpaid tax lien of over $166,000. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Michael Anthony Urban

Hasnt paid any child support for his 2 year old daughter! He spends all his money on protetutes, alcohol and drugs. HE IS INVOLVED WITH THE CHICAGO BDK GANG. works jobs with cash under the table so that he doesn’t have to pay child support!! WORKS jobs UNDER THE TABLE so that he can continue to get high with his… Read More »

Felix Menchaca

After discharge from the Navy almost a year ago has not supported his daughter. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

Cody Norrid

He was awarded a lump sum $345,000 settlement in a workers comp case. In January 2013 he quit paying his child support. In 2013 he started working at $20 an hour AND STILL REFUSES TO PAY HIS CHILD SUPPORT. Currently have a Motion for Contempt which he thinks is a joke. © 2014 - Warn others about this Deadbeat!

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